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About Camila Founded by award-winning composer, performer and producer Mario Domm (Torreón, Coahuila), Camila officially emerged in 2005 when it signed the first contract of the project with Sony Music, alongside their colleagues and friends guitarist Pablo Hurtado (San Luis Potosi) and singer Samo Veracruz. With them he recorded the albums Everything Changed (2006) and Let you love (2010), two meteor hits that made the group one of the essential references in Latin America. Since then nine times Camila has come to the top of the charts Mexican popularity, and many others across borders. Tracks like “Hold me”, “Collector of Songs”, “Everything changed”, “lie”, “Get away from me” and “Kiss Me”, among many others, have made them get extraordinary figures in the industry today: over two million copies sold, three Grammy Awards, three Billboard awards, certificates Diamond and Platinum, hundreds of shows in 18 countries compared to more than two million viewers, more than seven and a half followers on Facebook million, nearly three million Twitter and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube (numbers, we know, will grow in the coming months).

To this add your experiences in countless forums such as the Nokia New York and Los Angeles, the Coliseum in Puerto Rico, the Barquisimeto in Venezuela (concert attended by 100,000 people), the Grand Rex in Argentina and Chile Vina del Mar to name a few off Mexico, where they have played at maximum settings including six National Auditorium four Palacios de los Deportes and Foro Sol, all in less than six months and during the same tour. A tough record to beat. In 2014 Camila launches third studio album, Elypse, transforming its appearance from trio to duo. Today is Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado who live and promote this group that people want so fervently, following so faithfully. “You decided to leave me,” her new single, has begun to sound on the radio and video channels, which means new success stories in an unblemished.

Mario Domm Composer, performer and producer born in Coahuila, Mario Domm is a multi-instrumentalist who literally and as with artists such as Prince, can make music with what you put in front. No matter if it’s a battery, a guitar, a piano, a bass or a pan with two spoons, has been proven more than your imagination, sensitivity and technical knowledge provide many of the best songs of the contemporary repertoire of Latin America. Alejandra Guzman Alejandro Sanz through Kalimba, Reyli, Paulina Rubio, Sin Bandera, Rosana, Jesse y Joy, Romeo, Alejandro Fernández and Thalia, vision and commitment have made the best ally, King Midas of countless musical productions, Camila something that is seen especially as it is his most personal project. With it is releasing a third album in 2014, Elypse, Everything changed after exitosísimos (2006) and Let you love (2010).

Artist of charisma and humility, it is clear that beyond their professional skills Mario Domm can listen to their colleagues to help them make the best of themselves. From there you’ve gotten many certificates, awards, recognitions and nominations as an engineer, producer, composer or performer in own or other work. Currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he has set in motion his own recording studio, The Cherry Pop Studios.

Guitarist Pablo Hurtado and co-producer of Camilla, Pablo Hurtado joined the project shortly before graduating as Producer and Audio Engineer in Fermatta school (then linked to the Berklee College of Music in Boston), which was a great effort for , just graduating, he began his first tour. Born in Mexico City, grew up in San Luis Potosi in a family with artistic sensibility (at family gatherings were those who never sang and played an instrument).

It started on the piano at age five and seven meet his father introduced him to the classic guitar, but it was not until adolescence when he got his first electric model. He then participated in various cover bands playing rock, became involved in musical theater and later became interested in the progressive. At age 20 he came to City and began his studies in engineering, which opened his mind to genres such as jazz, blues, funk and pop.

Today sponsored by the renowned brand of guitars PRS Paul shows refinement and wisdom the same in that the single most distorted acoustic accompaniment, sweetest ballads in the moments of greatest audacity. His artistic talent was essential for co-writing several topics Camila three albums (Everything changed, Let you love, Elypse), which has allowed him to contact titans of world music. Currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he has set in motion his own recording studio, Cypress Overdrive Studios.